19-992 Firefighting hood
4,583.67 L 4,583.67 L 4583.67 ALL
35,000.94 L 35,000.94 L 35000.94 ALL
91,930.54 L 91,930.54 L 91930.54000000001 ALL
56,935.58 L 56,935.58 L 56935.58 ALL
H12062 Halena FORTRESS Welding Jacket
11,228.05 L 11,228.05 L 11228.050000000001 ALL
Dark brown leather jacket, back from fire-retardant fabric, Kevlar stitching
H12005 Welding Leather Apron MARIN
3,028.56 L 3,028.56 L 3028.56 ALL
Welding leather apron, covered shoulders
H12004 Welding SLEEVE DAG LEFT
1,312.82 L 1,312.82 L 1312.82 ALL
Leather, price per piece
1,312.82 L 1,312.82 L 1312.82 ALL
Leather, price per piece
H12002 Welding SLEEVE DAG Pair
2,108.60 L 2,108.60 L 2108.6 ALL
Leather, price per pair
H12001 Welding leggings GAL
1,785.38 L 1,785.38 L 1785.38 ALL
Leather, price per pair
FBD FireFighting Boots DEJANI II
19,734.00 L 19,734.00 L 19734.0 ALL
B01200 ISOTEC Flame Wellington Boot S5 CI HRO FO SRC F3A
11,422.38 L 11,422.38 L 11422.380000000001 ALL
A heat-resistant safety boot conforming to the EN 15090 HI3 F3A fire boot standard for flame resistance, radiant heat (20kW/m2) and heat insulation of the sole (250oC for 40 minutes). These boots are designed for use in areas where there is a risk of sparks from welding or grinding or for close proximity firefighting.
B01000 Hazmax FPA Wellington Boot S5 HRO SRC CI FO E F3A
21,574.12 L 21,574.12 L 21574.12 ALL
The Hazmax™ FPA boot adds heat resistance to our proven high-performance chemically protective Hazmax™ compound to produce the ultimate antistatic chemical boot for emergency responders.
SK20 Bizflame Sock
1,391.50 L 1,391.50 L 1391.5 ALL
The Modaflame material used in this sock is inherently flame resistant offering the ultimate in permanent fire resistant protection. Key features of this style are a flat toe seam and elasticated leg section for extra comfort and wearability.
H8048 Firefighting gloves JOSEPHINE
10,465.00 L 10,465.00 L 10465.0 ALL
H8026 Firefighting gloves Tiffany
9,867.00 L 9,867.00 L 9867.0 ALL
H8013 Firefighting gloves Karla
17,342.00 L 17,342.00 L 17342.0 ALL
H8009 Firefighting gloves Chelsea
19,590.48 L 19,590.48 L 19590.48 ALL
H7120 FireFighting Boots Zlin PTFE
42,458.00 L 42,458.00 L 42458.0 ALL
H7115 FireFighting Boots LESNA
33,787.00 L 33,787.00 L 33787.0 ALL