2860FOB Standard Men's Coat
1,808.95 L 1,808.95 L 1808.95 ALL
This smart jacket has various pockets for multi storage and a contrast colour trim. Waist elastication provides comfort and ease of movement.
2852 Standard Coat
2,025.54 L 2,025.54 L 2025.54 ALL
This versatile coat features a concealed stud front two lower patch pockets and a single chest pocket.
2802 Standard Boilersuit
2,779.49 L 2,779.49 L 2779.4900000000002 ALL
This smart coverall features a chest pocket with flap for secure storage and two side pockets. Comfort practicality and durability are ensured.
2206 Men's Food Coat, 3 Pockets
2,136.86 L 2,136.86 L 2136.86 ALL
Three Pockets
H9606 Coveral 2strong
5,634.94 L 5,634.94 L 5634.9400000000005 ALL
Work overalls with collar, made from a quality mix material, main zipper covered by a velcro strip, legs and sleeves adju- stable with velcro strips, reflective seam on the front and back to provides better visibility during work, sewn-on and hidden pockets, zipper mobile phone pocket, reinforced elbow areas provide greater resistance to abrasion, elastic waist on the back provides better comfort.
H960 Bib Brace 2strong 03
3,277.55 L 3,277.55 L 3277.55 ALL
Men's overalls with laclem from the 2STRONG series are made of high-quality mixed material of polyester (80%) and cotton (20%). The material used is strong, pleasant to the touch and at the same time sufficiently breathable, which workers will appreciate especially during physically demanding work.

The trousers are equipped with elastic braces and an elastic waist, thanks to which they do not restrict movement during work and fully adapt to the width of the waist. They have buttons on the side, the lacl can be fastened with plastic buckles. The flattering and universal figure's flattering cut fits everyone perfectly.

Overalls with a 2STRONG laclem will also pleasantly surprise the customer with a large number of multifunctional pockets. An interestingly designed pocket placed on the lacl can be closed with a zipper and several practical strong loops are sewn on the outside, which can be used as storage space for a pencil or pen. Of course, there are pockets located in the hip area, above-standard and very practical is a multi-purpose pocket on the side of the right leg. The worker can store tools or other equipment in this pocket.

Reflective trimmings on trousers are especially suitable for work environments with reduced visibility, for work in twilight or in the dark.
H960 Trousers 2strong 02
2,863.52 L 2,863.52 L 2863.52 ALL
The 2STRONG collection excels in the combination of the quality of the materials used and the emphasis on design, thanks to which the workwear of this series is very popular. This is no different with the 2STRONG overalls with a universal cut that fits perfectly to every figure and the modern height of the trousers at the waist. In addition, the trousers are equipped with an elastic waist, which maximizes comfort when wearing them and facilitates mobility when working. If necessary, solid loops are sewn in the area of ​​the hips to place the tape.

Work trousers from the 2STRONG series are made of high-quality mixed material of polyester and cotton, which provide them with high durability and at the same time sufficient breathability, appreciated by workers, especially during physically demanding work.

An indispensable part of trousers are sewn-in pockets, of which there are a sufficient number and thus enable the organization of smaller work equipment and personal items, such as a mobile phone. The perforated pockets are located in the hip area, and the multifunctional tool pocket on the side of the trousers will also pleasantly surprise. The trousers are also equipped with very practical knee pockets.

Both offered colors in gray with orange elements and in red with gray elements evoke a sporty look of trousers, reflective elements also ensure sufficient visibility even in a degraded working environment.
H960 Jacket 2strong 01
3,093.52 L 3,093.52 L 3093.52 ALL
The men's work blouse from the 2STRONG series is a quality overall blouse made of a mixture of strong and durable polyester and cotton materials. The 2STRONG blouse with an elegant collar is designed to not only look good, but especially to withstand careless handling at work.

Two chest pockets and two pocket pockets provide enough storage space for smaller tools and other equipment or for safe storage of a mobile phone.

Like the bottom hem of the blouse, the sleeves are adjustable to the required width and, together with the universal cut, thus ensure that the blouse fits perfectly to any figure.

The offered color combinations of red-gray and gray-orange look tasteful and can be combined with the printing of the company logo, for which the 2STRONG blouse is equipped with sufficient space. The reflective trimmings and the contrasting saddle fit into the overall color design, they look non-violent, but at the same time they ensure sufficient visibility of the worker.
H893 Cotton Bib Brace COOL TREND
3,392.45 L 3,392.45 L 3392.4500000000003 ALL
Bib overall made from 100% cotton with elastic braces, 2 pockets on the bib, elastic waist, saddle and 2 back pockets, 2 front pockets, reinforced knees, side multifunctional pockets for tools, 2 reflective stripes on the legs.
H893 Trousers COOL TREND
2,748.43 L 2,748.43 L 2748.43 ALL
Trousers made form 100% cotton with 2 front pock- ets, a sadlle and 2 pockets at the back, side pockets for tools, reinforced knees, 2 refl ective elements for greater visibility, 2 refl ective stripes, without a belt.
H893 Cotton Jacket COOL TREND
3,438.42 L 3,438.42 L 3438.42 ALL
100% cotton jackte with 2 refl ective stripes on the sleeves, 2 refl ective stripes on the back, 2 refl ective stripes on the front, contrasting saddle, a hidden main zipper, 2 chest pockets. 2 lower pockets, ad- justable sleeve width.
H8 Cotton Bib Brace COOL TREND
2,978.43 L 2,978.43 L 2978.43 ALL
Classic work bib and braces trousers in a sporty cut, zipper and button fastening, rubber in the waist for a comfortable fi t, two back pockets, reinforced knees, multifunctional side pockets on the legs, refl ective elements, without a belt, elastic braces, multifunctional pocket and place for your company logo on the bib.
H8 Cotton Trousers COOL TREND
2,633.53 L 2,633.53 L 2633.53 ALL
Classic work waist-high trousers in a sporty cut, zipper and button fastening, rubber in the waist for a comfortable fit, saddle and two back pockets, reinforced knees, multifunctional side pockets on the legs, refl ective elements, without a belt.
H8 Cotton Jacket COOL TREND
2,863.52 L 2,863.52 L 2863.52 ALL
Classic workwear jacket, strong sturdy material, adjustable width of the cuff , contrasting yoke, zipper with fl ap, chest pocket with zipper, chest zipper pocket for mobile phone, two lower pockets with zipper, left arm pocket, refl ective elements, an intended place for your company logo.
H5034 Cotton Bib Brace
2,133.23 L 2,133.23 L 2133.23 ALL
Pracovní oděv, 245 g2, zdvojená kolena
H5025 Cotton Trousers
1,552.50 L 1,552.50 L 1552.5 ALL
Workwear, 245 g2, double knees
H5016 Cotton Komplet with Bid Brace
4,243.49 L 4,243.49 L 4243.49 ALL
Workwear, cotton, 245 g2
H5007 Cotton Komplet with Trousers
3,093.52 L 3,093.52 L 3093.52 ALL
Workwear, 245 g2, double knees
58.022 KNEE PADS, Knee pads EVA foam Size: one size fits all
378.58 L 378.58 L 378.58 ALL
masa: nje masa i pershtatet te gjitheve
58.021 HAMMER VEST, Workwear bodywarmer
2,690.40 L 2,690.40 L 2690.4 ALL